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Cabin - watercolours by Rena Upitis

Cabin (1994)  Watercolour 9″ x 12″

This piece was inspired by a workshop given by the late Toni Onley at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. Toni was a brilliant artist, and one of the lessons I learned from him was to use more white in my paintings. Watercolours are a great way of “seeing” what’s before me, and I’m very taken with the medium when I travel (it’s also easy to travel with!).

Fish - watercolours by Rena Upitis

Fish (1993)  Watercolour 16″ x 32″

Soon after I began taking watercolour classes from Vancouver artist Margaret King, I painted an extensive series of imaginary fish. This is one of them.

Shrimp -  watercolours  by Rena Upitis

Shrimp (1995)  Watercolour  14″ x 21″

And when I tired of fish, I moved on to shrimp! Again, all imaginary. And full of colour and special effects, courtesy of the salt shaker that was never far from my side.

Storm -  watercolours  by Rena Upitis

West Coast Storm (1994)  Watercolour   12″ x 16″