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Essays and Books

essays and booksFor nearly a decade, I have been involved in various research projects that explore how buildings both constrain and open up possibilities for learning. This work has resulted in a book, called Raising a School (2010), as well as several essays and papers on related topics. Raising a School is published by Wintergreen Studios Press.

Some of my more recent works focus on ways that ecological habits of mind can be nurtured through the arts, and how students can become environmental stewards through gardening. I have also published several papers, along with colleagues at Concordia University and The Royal Conservatory, on the use of digital tools in support of music teaching and learning.

Click below for essays on these various topics:

Entering School
Complexity and Design
Developing Ecological Habits of Mind Through the Arts
Developing Ecological Habits of Mind: Approaching Environmental Issues through Electronic Portfolios and the Arts
Using ePEARL in the Music Studio 2010
Professional Development for iSCORE teachers 2012